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When men try to defend themselves against women

Domestic violence is a serious issue and springs from many root causes, such as learned behavior and a need for control. For example, a man who feels like his life is spiraling out of control may try to control his partner in the only way he knows how, the same way in which he saw his father treat his mother.

With some couples, the dynamic may be more complicated. In fact, it can take a long time for some men accused of domestic violence to admit that their girlfriends or wives have been hitting them all along and that they may have finally hit back in self-defense.

Social stigma

Socially speaking, there is a perception that men should "wear the pants." That is, they do not let their wives boss them around, much less hit them. There can be a lot of shame involved when a man has been the victim of a woman's physical attack. In fact, some men do not even recognize the abuse for what it is. Part of that is due to social conditioning. It is even a TV trope for a female character to slap another character, whether male or female, and for that action to pass with no comment whatsoever as to its violent and wrong nature. Physical differences are another part of failing to recognize abuse for what it is.

Physical differences

How can a woman who is half the size of her husband abuse him? The fact is that people, male or female, big or small, can, and do slap, hit, kick and punch. (Look at practically any toddler!)

The impact of physical pain is likely to be greater when a man hits a woman due to the physical imbalance. However, women can certainly inflict a lot of physical damage on a man as well. The emotional damage can be immense too, and if children are around to witness the violence, they may internalize the message that is okay for women to hit men.

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