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3 FAQs about recreational marijuana in San Diego

Now that it has been over a year since California voters approved legalizing recreational marijuana, San Diego is licensing stores to start selling the drug. According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, a marijuana supply chain is already ready to handle every step including cultivation, testing and manufacturing.

But other cities in California are not as open to the idea of handing out marijuana permits. This can cause confusion about how you can legally purchase and use the drug. Here are some important facts you need to know about marijuana in San Diego.

1. When can I buy legal marijuana in San Diego?

The goal is for retailers to sell recreational cannabis on January 1st or shortly thereafter. The city has given out 17 permits for medical marijuana and these stores will likely have official permission to sell the drug recreationally at the turn of the New Year. These stores are located in areas such as Mission Valley, Bay Park and Kearny Mesa.

2. Where can I smoke recreational marijuana?

According to Proposition 64, it remains illegal to smoke in public places. Even more, landlords have the discretion to forbid tenants from smoking marijuana on their properties. Depending on what your landlord decides, you may not be allowed to use the drug within the comfort of your own home.

3. What does the law say about driving while high?

California vehicle law states that it is illegal for you to drive any vehicle while under the influence of marijuana. If you get pulled over or go through a DUI checkpoint, the police may test your blood and you could get arrested for a DUI if THC is detected.

Even though recreational marijuana is legal here and stores will start selling it soon, it does not mean you can use the drug freely without any restrictions. Take the time to understand the law before you consider purchasing marijuana in 2018.

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