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Can I seal my child's juvenile criminal record in California?

Juvenile crimes can bring arrests for minors under the age of 18, which can have a negative impact on their future educational and career opportunities. However, there is a way to seal juvenile criminal records, which is similar to an expungement.

There are specific factors you should be aware of if you wish to assist your child in having his or her juvenile record sealed in the state of California. These basic pointers should help you better understand how to proceed. A juvenile criminal defense attorney is your best resource for having all your questions answered about how to seal juvenile records.

San Diego plans to clear thousands of marijuana convictions

The state of California is undergoing a significant shift in its approach to drug prosecution. With Proposition 64 recently taking effect, a broad decriminalization of marijuana could foster a decline in non-violent drug convictions in the years to come. While this measure of decriminalization may have an eye toward the future, some have wondered what would become of the thousands who hold past convictions for acts that are now legal.

San Diego, for its part, is taking action to clear the records of previous offenders. The district attorney's office has already begun combing convictions in search of cases that qualify for reduction or expunction. For those whose lives have been hamstrung by a criminal record, this could be a momentous development.

When men try to defend themselves against women

Domestic violence is a serious issue and springs from many root causes, such as learned behavior and a need for control. For example, a man who feels like his life is spiraling out of control may try to control his partner in the only way he knows how, the same way in which he saw his father treat his mother.

With some couples, the dynamic may be more complicated. In fact, it can take a long time for some men accused of domestic violence to admit that their girlfriends or wives have been hitting them all along and that they may have finally hit back in self-defense.

3 FAQs about recreational marijuana in San Diego

Now that it has been over a year since California voters approved legalizing recreational marijuana, San Diego is licensing stores to start selling the drug. According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, a marijuana supply chain is already ready to handle every step including cultivation, testing and manufacturing.

But other cities in California are not as open to the idea of handing out marijuana permits. This can cause confusion about how you can legally purchase and use the drug. Here are some important facts you need to know about marijuana in San Diego.

How to get an expungement in San Diego

Does your criminal past haunt you wherever you go? You do not need to let it affect your employment, housing and other opportunities any longer. You may have the option of an expungement of certain crimes so you can improve your life.

Although in some states to expunge means to erase information from your criminal record so it is as if the event never occurred, this is not the case in California. A more accurate term is a dismissal, because the record remains and is still accessible to some people. 

What a good defense attorney can do

The party was great. It was a long week and you worked hard. Letting down with your co-workers was the best thing you could do. You’re relaxed and ready to tackle the weekend chores and events you have planned. You’re almost home when you “pause” at a stop sign and within moments you see red lights behind you.

You pull over and hand the officer your license and insurance card. He hesitates just a fraction of a second before he asks, “Have you been drinking?”

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