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Post-Conviction And Expungement Legal Services That Can Clear Your Record In California

Any long-ago brushes with the law should not continue to result in failure to pass background checks for housing, employment and security clearances.

Your second chance at a normal life is possible, starting right now — with expungements and record sealings, as executed by experienced San Diego criminal defense attorney Michael T. Malowney.

When you retain the Law Office of Michael T. Malowney to represent your interests, you tap into Mr. Malowney's more than 25 years of successful service for clients from all walks of life in Southern California. You can expect aggressive advocacy, responsiveness to your ideas and consistent personal service throughout the legal process.

A Lawyer Who Believes In Second Chances — And Offers Free Initial Consultations

To clean up your criminal record, you need someone on your side who knows how to expunge criminal charges, terminate probation or work hard toward reduction or dismissal of charges. Michael T. Malowney's goal is to help you reclaim your life, so you can find a place to live, an employer to work for and generally put your routine back on track, free of fear.

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