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Aggressive Criminal Defense Representation In Southern California Since 1993

Being convicted on serious felony drug charges, violent crime charges or white collar financial crime charges can mean long-term imprisonment, substantial fines, a criminal record and permanent damage to your reputation.

In a country with a judicial system that features due process and the presumption of innocence, you may still have a chance to proclaim your innocence, regain your freedom and preserve your future.

In San Diego and throughout Southern California, the experienced criminal defense lawyer who will work hard to put you in that better place is Michael T. Malowney, founding attorney of the Law Office of Michael T. Malowney.

For almost 25 years, Mr. Malowney has provided aggressive, attentive representation for clients facing:

  • Felony drug charges involving possession and distribution of a dangerous controlled substance
  • Felony DUI charges, when an alcohol-related traffic accident causes catastrophic injury and wrongful death
  • Violent crime charges such as armed robbery, homicide, sexual assault and domestic violence
  • Financial crimes such as extortion, embezzlement, identity theft and money laundering

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Your chances in court can depend largely on selection of the right attorney to represent you. To make an appointment to discuss your legal issues with Michael T. Malowney, just call 619-880-4830 or send an email message. We look forward to meeting and working with you.

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