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How to get an expungement in San Diego

Does your criminal past haunt you wherever you go? You do not need to let it affect your employment, housing and other opportunities any longer. You may have the option of an expungement of certain crimes so you can improve your life.

Although in some states to expunge means to erase information from your criminal record so it is as if the event never occurred, this is not the case in California. A more accurate term is a dismissal, because the record remains and is still accessible to some people. Learn the requirements for expungement to begin the process.

What a good defense attorney can do

The party was great. It was a long week and you worked hard. Letting down with your co-workers was the best thing you could do. You’re relaxed and ready to tackle the weekend chores and events you have planned. You’re almost home when you “pause” at a stop sign and within moments you see red lights behind you.

You pull over and hand the officer your license and insurance card. He hesitates just a fraction of a second before he asks, “Have you been drinking?”

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